Our Services

We provide creative solutions specially crafted for hair stylists, salons, barber shops, nails shops, beauty salons and spas. We establish a solid presence online for your business.


We specialize in provide graphic design and web design services for hair stylists, salons, barber shops, nail shops, beauty salons and spas. We are not here to tell you what you want to ear… we are here to tell you what you need to know. We are a team of creatives who worked for several years in publishing, marketing, editorial, music and beauty industry. We don’t do “cute” designs, we carefully create and develop superb pieces of designs. We know the importance about design, content and functionality. we bring to you real solutions to super charge your business. We love what we do!

Whether you’re a hair salon owner or an individual hair stylist, in today’s competitive market you must have a solid online presence who represent your business and that means, not only a “fancy” website. We provide a powerful platform to super charge your business, show your talent and services, engage old clients and get new ones, manage your appointments, accept payments online and more. A platform who will optimize and save a lot of time in your everyday workflow so you can focus in what you love more: You artistic work.

We are a local design studio who proudly serve a big comunity of hair stylists, salons, barber shops, beauty salons, nail shops and spas in Miami Dade and Broward County. We are very happy to bring creative solutions. Our creative work, professional services and customer care is what make us shine from the competence. Little or big… we take every projects as our own. We offer always a personalized service. We want to establish a long and sucesfull relationship with all our customers. Our philosophy is simple: “If we can help our customers become successful, we are successful too”.

  • Graphic Design 100%
  • Web Design & Development 100%
  • Branding & Visual Identity 100%
  • Local CEO & Marketing 100%

Our Full List of Services

Graphic Design

Custom made promotional materials for your business.

Web Design

Mobile ready website design. 100% fluid and responsive.


Powerful solutions online to optimize your workflow.


Secure and reliable solutions to sell products and services.


Professional photo shots to show your talent and services.

Local CEO

Increase online exposure to reach potential new customers.


Creative marketing strategies and social media integration.


Logo creation & visual identity. Bring your brand to the next level.

Our Work Flow



We always meet personally to evaluate the particular needs for your business, carefully define a working plan and provide the more affordable solution.

Planification & Creation

We take seriously the creative and development process. Put all together is a complex task so we work closely with you providing all our experience and suggesting the best practices for the project.


Solution Deployment

Design, content and functionality are a priority. We deploy a state of the art website with powerful tools to establish a solid presence online, optimize your workflow and super charge your business.

Don't Be Shy

If you have any question, feel free to drop us a line anytime


We provide web design services for hair stylists, salons and spas in Miami and Broward. Creative solutions specially crafted to supercharge your business. 

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